Dream World - The Experiment

In December 2019, “Dream World - The Experiment”, an immersive theatre project dedicated to lucid dreams, moved in where soon the Ostkreuz Campus with the commercial projects PANDION ZINC and PANDION POLLUX will arise. The art organisation “Dream World” invited nine of its members to try out a novel art form with the assistance of PANDION.

The English-language narration combined personal interactions with performers and art installations. “We are bringing an art form to Berlin,” said the initiators, “that is more fun than just going to a usual bar and is more personal than just sitting in a cinema. We want to bring people together and kindle a sense of play and wonder. The aim is to present new, immersive art in Berlin.

Because more and more people are looking for works of art that can be experienced individually and new forms of diversified art exhibitions. We want to create a transformative cocoon with our interactive art installation about dreams, something that allows just such a personal experience - spatially and with all of the senses. The remove from the work of art can be overcome depending on the level of curiosity - it’s not just something to look at.”

The interactive exhibition presented the works of 50 artists, including Karmanoia - the creator of the psychedelic “Labyrinth” in the Wilde Renate (2010-2014) and a pioneer of immersive art.

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Eva Nieuweboer

Project Manager Arts, Culture & Events


Copyright: Photos: Augustin Farias, Lightwriter, Krousky, Stevie, Laura Russ, Cloud Room, Claire McIntyre, Anto Christ, Julian Frees, Riley, Phoenix