Reinhold Knodel in the Immobiléros podcast

August 2019

How can we make living cheaper? Does digitisation mark a turning point in building too? What make functioning urban districts and modern mobility concepts work? Questions like these were answered by Reinhold Knodel in the 3rd episode of “Immobiléros”, the new podcast by W&R Immocom with Michael Rücker. The PANDION CEO also spoke about personal matters – like his path from a carpenter to a successful property developer.

His most important answer: we have to think beyond our former (city) limits. Knodel believes the biggest obstacle to cheaper living is the price of building plots. New areas are needed to satisfy the demand. But because inner-city potentials are being increasingly exhausted, the PANDION founder advocates a paradigm shift: an end to building infill and a well-coordinated growth across the board. New urban districts outside the present limits should become more than former dormitory towns. Lively, mixed districts with a high quality of living may then even be able to provide answers to urgent ecological questions: “The most up-to-date mobility concept is one where I don’t have to drive anywhere because everything is nearby.”

Learn more about Reinhold Knodel’s vision of building in the future in the 45-minute talk between the two learned real-estate experts. The podcast can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Soundcloud or here: