"Dream World" is the next in a series of temporary uses of space for artistic purposes in Berlin

December 2019

Providing space for art and culture

PANDION is a co-founder of the voluntary initiative “Transiträume”, which offers artists the opportunity to use the space in our real estate projects in Berlin temporarily before the start of any construction work. The aim is to encourage artistic and cultural projects and to give their initiators space in which they can present their work in some unique surroundings. The temporary use of the sites for the projects “The Haus” in Charlottenburg and "The Shelf” in Kreuzberg showed just what kind of open spaces can be brought to life for creative ideas.

The “Dream World Experience” is the next in this series of temporary usage of space for artistic purposes and will run from 14 to 31 December in an empty building at Ostkreuz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The PANDION ZINC office and commercial project will be developed on the same site as of 2020. But until this gets under way, the artists from Dream World Space will be moving in until the end of the year.

What awaits you is a unique winter evening in the heart of Berlin

Imagine falling into Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole and experiencing a dream that is filled with surreal images from a David Lynch film. If we are to believe the founders of Dream World Space, this is exactly what the “Dream World” experience feels like.

Once you have purchased your ticket and entered the Dream World, you will be guided through a 1-2 hour, interactive art theatre adventure by the “Dreamlings” – over a dozen different performers. They will draw you into a colourful and surreal world full of elaborate installations and performances that will blur the boundaries of reality.

The exhibition will present the work of 50 local artists. They will be showcasing the way they perceive immersive art – a new art form that doesn’t create individual works but holistic environments and worlds into which the viewer is fully immersed. Visitors then have the chance to discuss what they have experienced over a drink at the bar in the club room.

Interested? Then take a dive into this unique “Dream World”!

When? 11th December 2019 to 4th January 2020
Where? Bödikerstraße 26, Berlin
What? 1-2 hour experience in an interactive art exhibition

For further information: facebook events
Tickets available at: tickettailor.com

Photos: Copyright Krousky