Reinhold Knodel the guest of PB3C’s Immo podcast

May 2020

PANDION’s CEO Reinhold Knodel is the guest of the latest Immo podcast of the PR agency PB3C. He talks about “The vertical city: do big German cities really need more residential high-rises?” together with their Managing Partner Dr. Girshovich.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency launched its own real-estate podcast in which it regularly interviewed experts from the real-estate industry on current topics in the industry.

In the around half-hour episode #12, Reinhold Knodel talks about how things stand today when it comes the acceptance of residential high-rises in Germany and whether existing prejudices are still legitimate. There is a frank discussion of where the challenges still lie and what can be done to integrate modern residential high-rises into our historical cityscapes.

The latest episode of the PB3C Immo podcast, as well as earlier episodes, is available from the following link or can be streamed from services such as Spotify, iTunes or