1st place in the concept tendering procedure "Space 4 Ideas" for PANDION THE SHELF goes to ...

December 2020

The subsidised commercial space in the PANDION THE SHELF office building has been awarded to the team from “Junge Tüftler/ Good Lab”. A competition jury declared the non-profit company the winner of the concept tendering procedure “Space 4 Ideas”. Their plan was judged to be the best and most convincing in the procedure. “Junge Tüftler/ Good Lab” will probably move into the 221 square metres of commercial space on Ritterstraße in Kreuzberg in June 2021 to turn their projects into reality. The space is provided by PANDION at a greatly reduced monthly rent of € 6.50 per square metre. PANDION will also be paying part of the costs of the interior finishings.

"Junge Tüftler" will set up a Good lab in PANDION THE SHELF to develop educational formats and empower people to take their future into their own hands actively and sustainably. The commercial space in THE SHELF offers the ideal conditions for this with floor-to-ceiling shop windows that guarantee transparency, light and airiness. One idea is to install workbenches in creative areas for workshops. Other areas will be used to develop ideas, and still others for concentrated work or for presentations. The Good Lab will be open Mondays to Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm.

Photo Copyright: Andi Weiland I "Junge Tüftler"