PANDION THE HAUS – Berlin Schöneberg

PANDION THE HAUS is being built on a site near the Kurfürstendamm. 65 freehold apartments and two commercial units will be built here by the end of 2019. In the summer of 2017, PANDION temporarily handed over the building to the Berlin Art Bang e.V.: 175 international artists created the world’s biggest temporary street art gallery in “THE HAUS”. It attracted around 80.000 visitors in only two months.

start of construction

November 2017


June 2020


Axthelm Rolvien Architekten, Potsdam

Thomas Artschwager

construction management

Phone 030 / 2000749-36

Meike Faber

acquisitions management

Phone 030 / 2000749-08

Petra Stahlberg

acquisitions management

Phone 030 / 2000749-17

News from the building site – 02.2020

We completed laying the natural stone and parquet floors in the apartments on the courtyard side of THE HAUS in February. We have already started this work in the apartments facing the street. The painting and plastering work as well as the technical installations in the house are also progressing well. As can be seen in the photos, our show apartment for the project has already been completed and provides some beautiful insights and ideas into what living in THE HAUS could look like. Whereas the installation of the façade construction on the street side is proving to be a little more complicated than planned, we have almost finished work on the courtyard side. In the meantime, we have concluded work in the basement: the for coatings for the underground garage and cellar areas are complete.


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