knodel foundation

The knodel foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to solve global problems. They support project partners in the global South and in Europe - not only with capital, but above all as a sparring partner. A long-term and quantifiable impact of the measures is crucial for the selection of partnerships. The foundation wants to break through prohibitions on thinking, live exchange at eye level and thus enable systemic change. An essential element of this is to offer people free access to knowledge, regardless of their origin, gender, skin color, religion or other affiliations. The foundation provides people with the opportunity to help themselves: by supporting local social enterprises in building their own sources of income, it prospectively reduces permanent dependence on external donors.

The knodel foundation was established in June 2017 by PANDION founder Reinhold Knodel together with his son Patrick, who heads the foundation as CEO. By making an annual donation of EUR 500,000, PANDION AG makes a decisive contribution to project funding and also covers the administrative costs incurred. Thus, every external donation flows 100% into the projects and will furthermore be doubled by PANDION.