Reinhold Knodel’s fascination with residential high-rises

April 2019

At the Immoblienforum Düsseldorf, Pandion’s CEO Reinhold Knodel joined the "high-rise group” debate: “Growing towns and cities can profit in three ways from high-rise buildings: firstly, high-rises allow a careful treatment of inner-city space, a rare commodity. Secondly, high-rises have an urban development component - anyone who builds high-rises changes a city’s silhouette, its calling card. And thirdly, high-rises have their very own fascination because they offer far more opportunities for exciting architecture than normal apartment complexes.” Pandion has built two residential high-rises in Düsseldorf’s Le Quartier Central, Pandion D’Or and Pandion Le Grand. Pandion Vista in Cologne, one of the prominent “Kranhäuser” on the Rhine, has even managed to establish itself as one of the city’s landmarks.