PANDION RACING team clocks up 2,072 euros for a good cause

August 2019

They conquered the ‘Green Hell’ with willpower and sweat: on 27 July, the cyclists in the PANDION RACING team began their 24-hour “Rad am Ring” race on the legendary Nürburgring to collect donations for the charitable projects of the knodel foundation. When the last of them “clicked” their shoes out of the pedals and set aside their bikes 23 hours and 36 minutes later, they could look back on an eventful night – because the “Ring” had certainly lived up to its reputation.

Their night had been anything but quiet. Nor was there any lack of the rain and fog that give the race circuit nestling in the rolling hills and valleys of the Eifel its almost mystical status. With a total of 16 rounds completed, PANDION RACING covered a distance of more than 400 kilometres – but the biggest challenge by far was the constant battle against wind, weather and fatigue. Whereas the penultimate stage of the Tour de France had to be cancelled on the same day because of the weather, PANDION RACING kept fighting up to the final metre.

The result was more than respectable: 98th place from the 108 teams of 8 cyclists – even though the team only numbered seven member due to illness, 39th place of all teams with an average age between 39 and 49 and – thanks to the generous commitments of sponsors – 2,072 euros for a good cause. As announced, PANDION will double this amount so that an impressive 4,144 euros could be collected from this first appearance at the ‘Rad am Ring’ for projects of the knodel foundation.