A retrospect: that was the Dream World Experience in Berlin

January 2020

Completely sold out, even before the official opening: 2,000 visitors experienced the Dream World in 18 shows between the middle of December and beginning of January. More than 2,000 people registered for the shows’ waiting lists. The project has now come to an end and we take a look back over a further successful temporary use of one of our properties in Berlin together with the organising team. Annette Lüür from Dream World sums things up: “We were overwhelmed by the huge demand and the positive feedback form the dreamers.”

The new art form of an interactive, immersive art exhibition with more than a dozen performers as guides was very well received by the general public. In addition to the official shows, a number of corporate and network events were also held on the premises. The project was rounded off by an art auction that made more than 6,000 euros for the artists who were involved in Dream World.

One of the biggest challenges that faced the organisers was the very short planning and construction phase of only three weeks. Together with the 50 artists as well as 100 additional members, their temporary use project created an inspiring basis for further projects. Lüür goes on to say: “We want to take this format of an immersive art installation with performers further and are now on the lookout for a new location in Berlin where we can live out creative dreams.”

PANDION provided the members of the Dream World the necessary space for temporary use in Berlin. Following on from the art installation, the PANDION ZINC office and commercial project will be developed on the same site this year.

photography copyright: Krousky and Adam Hruby