PANDION CEO Reinhold Knodel has some critical things to say about serial building

January 2020

Reinhold Knodel takes a close look at serial or modular buildings in his commentary in the Immobilien Zeitung from 16 January 2020. The guest contribution deals with different aspects of modular buildings as the new great white hope for the building sector in its struggle against the housing shortage. The idea of simplified construction, for example through the prefabrication of structural elements, is welcomed by Knodel, though he does see a problem in this as well: outstanding architecture falls by the wayside with this kind of construction method and it is therefore impossible to cater for the individual requirements of different users. What’s more, it isn’t really a realistic solution to save costs. “Putting up with poor architecture for the sake of saving a few cents would be nothing short of town planning madness,” nor would it ease the shortage of residential space.

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