Secure footing PANDION Verde is being built in piles

June 2021

On the building site for our PANDION Verde project in Munich you will currently see, and definitely hear, huge long reinforced concrete posts being rammed into the ground. The future residential project and its neighbours will be built on piles. This modern “pile city” is being developed in the Alexis district of Neuperlach on the 12.8-hectare planning area of the former Piederstorfer gravel plant. PANDION is realising its PANDION Verde project with at first 133 freehold apartments here in Munich’s east end. PANDION has planned a total of 256 apartments in the two stages of construction on the around 20,000 square metre site.

The excavation pit has already been dug. One big problem facing the builders is the challenging subsoil at the former gravel plant, which is too soft. Pile foundations as one kind of deep foundation should ensure sufficient load-bearing capacity and a firm footing for the new building. The Aarsleff construction company specialises in this method is currently spanning the die soil layers that are not, or not sufficiently stable, with coupled concrete piles up to 23 metres in length that are being sunk into the base of the excavation pit alongside each other. The loads will not then be borne by the piles themselves but the lower, more stable soil layers beneath the piles. Structural loads will then be transmitted to the subsoil through point bearing pressure and/or skin friction. The construction will be concluded by a floor slab so that nothing stands in the way of a firm and secure foundation for PANDION Verde.

Photos: Benno Steuernagel-Gniffke